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A 60 paged paperback of fun, practical means of learning the Arabic Alphabet as accuratley as possible – the first step towards the learning the Glorious Qur’aan with tajweed .

All examples used in this book are sourced from the Qur’aan itself, giving user a tiny taste of the treasures contained within the Sacred Book, Inshallah.

The book provides an activity for each letter of the alphabet and a guide to the accurate pronunciation of each Arabic letter.  Includes an A3 pull out poster to colour.

Packed with fun, stimulating yet educational activities, “I am a Muslim“ is a young child’s personalized guide to what being a Muslim entails. The insertion of the learner’s name at the start of the book personalizes the positive “I“ statements made throughout the book. This publication aims at reinforcing your little one’s Islamic identity, paving the way to confidence and a stronger sense of purpose from a young age for this life and the next, inshaa Allah